Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Atlanta

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment Atlanta

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Youth is a time of experimentation, learning your way and figuring out who you are as a person. However, part of this process of learning and growing entails making mistakes. Unfortunately if your mistake involves an unsightly tattoo it may be a hard one to correct. Sure, the flaming skull tattoo on the side of your neck may have looked great when you were 18 but turns out to be less desirable when you are 38 and getting ready to apply for a middle management position. Surveys have shown that one out of every seven people who gets a tattoo later regrets their decision. Good news though is that here at Perimeter Dermatology you will find the best laser tattoo removal treatment Atlanta has to offer.

Limitations of Traditional Tattoo Laser Removal

Traditional laser tattoo removal does offer one option for correcting these kinds of mistakes but it also suffers from certain limitations:

  • Larger ink particles are harder to remove and often can’t be eliminated even after multiple treatments.
  • While blue and black ink are relatively easy to get rid of, reds and yellows can be difficult to impossible to remove.
  • Tattoo removal on darker skin tones is also problematic, the darker skin will absorb more of the laser’s energy and require higher power and greater risk of injury to the patient.
  • Finally, discomfort is also likely to be more significant with these types of procedures.

Why We Use PicoWay Tattoo Removal

Perimeter Dermatology of Atlanta (located at 5505 Peachwood Dunwoody Rd, Suite 412, Atlanta GA 30342) is well aware of these drawbacks and that is why we are proud to bring the latest in laser tattoo removal treatment to the Atlanta area. Lasers work by providing a burst of energy in a very short time frame, the shorter the pulse the more energy can be delivered to the target site. These bursts are so short they are delivered in “pico” seconds, mere trillionths of a second long! These new pico second laser treatments have been approved by the FDA and allow for a fast and comfortable tattoo removal experience. Even tiny ink particles can be shattered by these ultra-fast pulses of light.

How PicoWay Works

  1. Numbing agent is applied to the area
  2. The PicoWay device provides a high energy precision pulse that targets the ink with great impact
  3. The pulses breakdown the tattoo ink into tiny particles and are removed from the body

PicoWay Tattoo Removal

Perimeter Dermatology always puts the safety of our patients above all other considerations, pico laser technology allow for less discomfort for the patient and better overall results. Because the laser pulses used with this technology are so short much less heat gets transferred to the patient’s skin and more is delivered to the ink particles in the tattoo improving the final outcome. So don’t suffer with an unsightly tattoo a moment longer! Call Atlanta’s premiere laser tattoo removal treatment specialists today at Perimeter Dermatology, we can be reached at (404) 459-9177. We are Atlanta’s experts in laser tattoo removal treatment!


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