Ranka Vojnic Zelic, LME

Ranka Vojnic ZelicLicensed Medical Aesthetician

Ranka joined our team at Perimeter Dermatology in March 2013. She is a board certified aesthetician with a passion for skincare and 10 years of experience with advanced aesthetics in Dermatology. Ranka is trained to detect skin disorders and diseases, perform treatments and evidence-based skin care.

She studied at Matis Paris Aesthetics College and the International School of Skincare. Ranka is highly proficient in various skin conditions and aesthetic treatments like chemical peels, acne treatments, aging skin, skin resurfacing, laser hair removal, laser treatments for vascular lesions, skin tightening and many other dermatologic treatments.

Ranka is very experienced and knowledgeable with problems that pertain to the skin. She excels at leading patients thru all stages of their skin care treatment and use of home-care products. Ranka also assists doctors in medical procedures like botox and fillers. Ranka has extensive knowledge in the latest skincare technology and keeps herself current on the latest cosmetic procedures, skin care aesthetics, and nutrition.

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